12 Replies to “Prinoth New Bison X”

  1. Hallo is this model be able to purchase. For use as a mod in srs2012? No commercial use.

    1. Erik Schröder Fernlöf says: Reply

      Hello! The model is very unfinished and I’m unsure if I will continue it. If you really want it I can send you the Sketchup project file.


      1. It be awaome if you send me an email and we discuss the cooperation afterwards. philip.hladky@email.cz

        1. Erik Schröder Fernlöf says: Reply

          I’ll send you one!

  2. Can you send me the bully we make it able to Play in skiregion simulator2012

    1. Erik Schröder Fernlöf says: Reply

      I sent you an Email 🙂

  3. We make private mods for the ski region and winter resort simulator. We would like to make this Bison X playable for the upcoming Winterresort Simulator.
    Could you please send us an email?
    you could forward the Bison x to the following e-mail address
    we would be happy about an e mail 😀

    1. Hello, sorry for the very slow response, looks like your comment was seen by WordPress as a spam. Let me know if you still want the model.

      1. yes, I would love to have that

        1. I sent you an email 🙂

  4. Henry Oscarsson says: Reply

    Hello. Can you send me this model, I want to use it for a private scene 🙂

    1. I sent you an email.

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