Update 1+2 for Baltic Sea West
Update 1+2 for Baltic Sea West

Update 1+2 for Baltic Sea West

Hi, everyone,

here comes the next small patch For the Baltic_SeaWest Scenery with a small extension.
The water depths in the Langeland belt in the direction of Korsoer have been adjusted, so you should now stay in the fairway.

A few adjustments to the facades. Clean-up work along the scenery. I think there will be more with the storm.
Now to the first small extension of the scenery. See below
The patch also includes everything from the first update, it was also tested in VSF, so it applies to VSng and VSF. Should there be any problems, please contact us.

A video on the update Baltic Sea West

Download: Baltic_SeaWest_patch1+2

For installation: Put the file in the VSNG/VSF Scenery folder and unzip it with extract here.
The files are automatically unpacked into the Baltic_SeaWest folder.

This download includes the traffic, this unfortunately only works in VSNG. More traffic is in work and will follow.

Download: BalticTraffic2

For installation: Put the file in the VSNG Main folder and unzip it with extract here.
The files are automatically unpacked into the respective folders.
to start the traffic,
Start VSNG use Situations, select BalticTraffic1 and sail away.

This is only a update for the Baltic SeaWest Scenery. To use this you need the Baltic_SeaWest Scenery, you will get at the shop.


Many thanks for your great support, Hope you like it.
Nice Sailing



    1. Oh, I saw there’s a mistake. I forgot two folders, sorry. I’ll correct that immediately and re-upload it. Then simply copy it into the main directory or unzip it there. The file also contains a correction of the depths in Malmö, which was not saved correctly there either. VSF will get it via seperate link. Regards Thorsten

  1. Zsolt

    Dear Thorsten,
    Any chance to please add – as part of a future update – the port of Frederikshavn, which would enable the ferry crossing between the Danish town and Gothenburg, please?

  2. Hello Zsolt,

    yes, absolutely, the port is planned, just like Hirtshals and a few others.
    I can’t say when, but the harbour is a bit bigger, with the town. It should also look reasonable.

    Regards Thorsten

    1. Zsolt

      Wow man, you never cease to amaze me! Sounds great! I will buy the scenery on Monday. I will also buy a Stena Germanica model in a different shop and then start the long journey from Kiel to Göteborg. 😀

  3. Joerg

    Hi, i have two problems. At Malmö Harbor Entrance at the Parking lot most of the Cars stand on the water and not at land (55.37.611 N, 12.59.476 E). The second problem: When i want to start Baltic Traffic i get an CTD after some loading sequences.

    Maybe you can help me with a general Problem with most of my downloaded ships. The bow and reardoors don´t work. There is working sound but they do not open. And with much of the shiplights i have texture problems.

    And for the next time – can i write in german? I´m not so god in english.

    Best wishes and many thanks.

  4. Joerg

    The Problem with the Parkinglot is absolete after a third new installation. But i hope you can help me with the other problems. Can you write me where i can get the Colour Line Fantasy Ferry who is in your Video?
    Greetings and thak’s!

    1. Hello Jörg,

      I’m sorry you had problems. But it’s nice that you managed it.

      Unfortunately, the Color Fantasy is no longer officially available, it is still from the Virtual Sailor 7 and I do not want to offer it for download without the author’s permission. However, I am working on rebuilding this model, the Magic and Fantasy simply cannot be missing here.

      If the VSNG crashes when loading the traffic, check if you have Kutter60 in the list, if so, please delete and then load.
      Hallo Jörg,

      es tut mir leid das du Probleme hattest. Aber schön das du es hinbekommen hast.

      Die Color Fantasy ist leider offiziell nicht mehr zu bekommen, sie Stammt noch aus dem Virtual Sailor 7 und ohne Einwilligung des Autors möchte ich sie nicht zum Download anbieten. Ich arbeite jedoch daran,, das dieses Modell noch mal neu gebaut wird, die Magic und Fantasy dürfen hier einfach nicht fehlen.

      Sollte der VSNG abstürzen beim laden des Traffics, schaue ob du den Kutter60 in der Liste hast, falls ja, bitte löschen und dann laden.

  5. Joerg

    Thank you very much for your fast answer. Traffic is working now.
    My biggest Problem are the Ship Models. The Front and Backdoors do not open and on much Models when the Light is on i have Problems with the Textures. I think the Textures for the lightningeffects are missing or not loaded. there are only one colored fields where normaly ist the shining of the lights. I hope you have a tip for me because i’m not shure if the italian forums are working.
    Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

    1. Hello Jörg,

      nice that the traffic works.

      Things are not yet optimal with the ships, we are currently reworking some of the good models in terms of driving dynamics and will then make them available for download. so we have a nice base.
      Only the developer himself can help with the light, sorry.

      regards and nice Sailing Thorsten

  6. Cody Bray-Cockburn

    I just purchased this scenery today and so far I am very very happy with this product. Beyond fantastic work here.

    I have one question in regards to the integrity of the recommended file in the store post – the southwest Europe scenery. I am running the latest version of VSNG and of course the latest baltic scenery version. The link for the SW Europe scenery states it is not compatible with VSNG, is this file still required? Or is this just for VSF?

    I haven’t noticed anything wrong just want to make sure I have everything installed correctly.

    Again thank you for this wonderful product 🙂

    1. Hello Cody,
      Thank you very much for your comment, I’m very happy that you like VSNG and the Baltic Sea West Scenery. Unfortunately I don’t currently have the southwest Europe installed. Yes, it was originally developed for VSF, but I know that many people also use it with VSNG. Just try it out. There are also some nice updates from developers like Robert Neath (Rob’s VSF Addon’s) based on the Europe Scenery. Just take a look at it.

      Many thanks and best Regards

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