2500TEU Feeder Container Ship Addon pack
2500TEU Feeder Container Ship Addon pack

2500TEU Feeder Container Ship Addon pack

Upgrade Axeonalia’s container vessel with many new liveries and an interior! Check it out now in the shop.


  1. VS-Player01

    Its just so sad that Ilan Papini passed away in February because of an plane crash. Very tragic, he has done so many things including Virtual Sailor (VS) and Vehicle Simulator, VS-NG and much more. He was a very talented developer.
    Now the delvelopment of VS-NG will most likely not continue.

    Its just dissapointing to see that there are still people (like this “addon” shop here and many others) who continue to sell addons like nothing happend and still make money with things for Ilan Papinis Games.

    Imagine youre an family member or friend and you see people still milking Ilan Papinis Games for money. Thats really a shame, all addon creators should donate money to Ilans family since he was the one who created all the games and without him there wouldnt be any of that games.

    Also, make all addons free from now since its just stupid to still sell addons since the game developers passed away.

    Seeing these addon sale pages just make me angry. Such a tragic event happend and they all dont care. Just think about that.

    1. Erik

      Hello Manfred. I was actually rather annoyed with your comment since it is quite disrespectful. We are all at SIM3D very sad about what happened to Ilan and we have sent our condolences to his family, even asking how we can help to continue his legacy. You are saying we did not publish any post about his passing, this is simply incorrect, we did on multiple pages. And that we are making money of his work is simply not true, our 3D-artists spend thousands of hours on their models and of course they should get paid for their work. Just because Ilan provided the infrastructure for our add-ons does that mean we should work for free? Ilan provided the road for us to drive on but we create the cars.

      With your comment you offended our entire team and unrightfully so.

      /Erik SIM3D

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