Mail issues
Mail issues

Mail issues

Hello everyone! We’ve had some issues with our emails not getting forwarded correctly. If you have emailed and haven’t gotten a response. Please re-send your email and we’ll get to it as soon as we can. Thank you! 🙏 /SIM3D Team


  1. Martin

    I just wanted to ask a few things before buying something at this shop. The models and everything look great and also the shop seems normal at first. But some important details are missing. First, I couldn’t find any address. I mean a real world address with country, city and postal code etc. Normally a shop has this information even if it just sells things online.

    Then there is also no information what company is behind that shop. Would be nice to know were you’re money is going if you buy something here. It’s unknown who exactly made all the models that are for sale.

    Also if you buy something here, you need to enter your data like e mail name address etc. How can I be sure that this data won’t be published somewhere or shared in any way?

    Again, there is zero information about the company behind that shop.

    The Addons look nice nothing against that but the only thing that keeps me from buying are these missing information’s. Why is there no real address? What company is behind that?

    1. Erik

      Hello Martin! I can understand your concern. Currently the site is not registered as any company but we are in the process of doing this since our sales have gone up quite a bit and it’s something we really have to do if we want to keep this site, as we’ve seen as our hobby project going. The site is hosted in Denmark but me, personally, who is responsible for most of this, is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

      When it comes to where the money goes, it goes 80% to the original creator. You can see who made the model in the description of the product. It usually says “Modeled by Erik” for example. The rest is split between PayPal and SIM3D for the upkeep of the site.

      If you read the “About us” page we’ve written that we will not share any of your personal data and ofcourse this is a promise we want to keep. In fact we would not really need you to enter this data even, but it’s a limitation in our shop-software, that you have to enter it.

      Hope that anwsers your questions and if you have any more feel free to email us at

      /Erik SIM3D

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