Combat Boat 90H – Police Version
Combat Boat 90H – Police Version

Combat Boat 90H – Police Version


The Combat Boat 90H is a fast and easy manouverable vessel built by Dockstavarvet in Sweden for the Swedish Armed Forces. With her twin engine, water jet propulsion system she can quickly put troops ashore without having to worry about damaging any propellers. Perfect for archipelagos with a large amount of islands.

Video of the vessel (Military Version):

– Pay using PayPal
– Download available directly after purchase as a .zip
– For use in Vehicle Simulator
– Install the vessel by copying the “Combat_Boat_90H_Police” folder to your vehicles directory
– Modeled by Erik
– Free lifetime updates
– Thanks to for providing textures and images of the vessel
– Please do not redistribute or use outside of Vehicle Simulator
– For questions please email

Update 1 – 2020-08-07
– Fixed scaling issue

Update 2 – 2020-08-14
– Fixed speed issue that I already thought was fixed

If you have already purchased the product and want the latest update, please email




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