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Launched in 2007, MV Cotentin is a dedicated freight Ro-Pax vessel, designed and built by Brittany Ferries. With over 2,200 lane metres of garage space for freight, she has proven herself to be a dedicated transporter, linking the UK, France and Ireland. More recently she was chartered for operations in the Baltic Sea, operating between Poland and Sweden.

She will make a fine addition to your fleet and we are proud to present her for your use.

Bon Voyage!

– Pay using PayPal
– Download available directly after purchase as a .zip
– For use in Virtual Sailor NG
– Install the vessel by copying the “MF_Cotentin” folder to your vehicles directory
– Modeled by Rani
– Free lifetime updates
– The model includes, working bridge, full night lighting and more is to come in future updates.
– Night lighting can be turned on and off using the Sails function.
– Please do not redistribute or use outside of Virtual Sailor
– For questions please email

Update 1 – 2023-02-19
– Added car ramp animations

If you have already purchased the product and want the latest update, please email



2 reviews for Cotentin

  1. ds ds (verified owner)


    Upon recently acquiring the Cotentin for VSFNG, I was met with a mix of anticipation and eventual mild disappointment. While the ship’s design aesthetic was undoubtedly striking and the 3D modeling showcased meticulous craftsmanship, it fell short when it came to delivering an authentic and immersive in-game experience.


    Stunning Visuals: The 3D model of the ship is beautifully rendered, exhibiting intricate details and precision. Whether you admire it from a distance or up close, the ship is a feast for the eyes, making it a worthy addition to the game from a purely visual perspective.

    Adaptable in Multiple Scenarios: Despite its shortcomings in the feeling department, the ship can still be utilized in a variety of game scenarios, proving its versatility.


    Lack of Realism: Where the ship truly misses the mark is in its ability to convey a realistic and immersive feeling. Whether it’s the physics behind its movement, the sounds it produces, or how it interacts with the virtual environment, there’s a palpable disconnection that often reminds you that you’re in a game, rather than aboard a real ship sailing the virtual high seas.

    Missed Opportunities: Given the exceptional quality of the ship’s visual design, it’s a pity that its in-game mechanics do not match up. One would expect a ship of such visual caliber to come with an equally impressive set of features and functionalities.

    In conclusion, while the ship is undeniably a visual masterpiece, it leaves much to be desired in terms of gameplay experience. For players who prioritize aesthetics, this might still be a worthwhile purchase. However, for those who seek a more tangible and authentic in-game sailing experience, they might find this ship falling short of their expectations.

  2. Kieran (verified owner)

    I downloaded the “Cotentin” a few months ago and the “Armorique” aswel. I was really impressed with the designs of the two ships. It would be really cool if we had the two older ships of the Brittany Ferries Fleet “Bretagne, and the “Normandie” in the game before they leave the fleet in 2024/2025.

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