Gotland Beta
Gotland Beta

Gotland Beta

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This Scenery covers the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea with large parts of Swedens south-east coast. Mainly the port of Visby and two main connecting ports of mainland Sweden, Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn are included. The scenery is by no means completed or finished nor is it optimized. I hope to be able to release an improved version in the future with a improved mesh/landscape and improved objects for better performance and realism. I decided to release this first attempt of my Gotland Scenery as a BETA version so that you can try it in the meantime. This scenery has a depth map, so I recommend to plan your trip carefully and navigate with caution. With bigger vessels you should follow the recommended tracks and fairways. If you have a map-tool like openCPN with maps of the area it will be a big help.

Ports included:
– Nynäshamn
– Norvik
– Visby
– Oskarshamn
– Jättersön
– Kappelshamn (very basic)
– Kapellskär (very basic)
– Stockholm (very basic)
– Landsort (very basic)
– Furusundsleden with most of the lights from Tjärven to Stockholm

– Correct positions of ports, buoys, beacons, landmarks and correct light character and sectors for use with real maps/tools like openCPN (
– activating the button “over” on the radar-screen will activate more realistic Radar-echos for buoys and beacons and some experimental RACON (not always working reliable and pointing 90 degrees in the wrong direction) on four of the lighthouses.
– all lights are marked with: – character/duration in seconds (example Oc2 6s)
– colour of the light (example: W, R, G etc.) on the map sectorlights are marked with multiple colours (example: WRG) – all buoys without light (lateral and cardinal) are marked with a letter to indicate the colours on the map

– Thorsten Ott for many objects and buildings used throughout the Scenery
– Albin Johansson, Rasmus Hellenberg, Kevin Palmqvist and Theodor Ekstam for pictures, advice and testing

Ölannd bridge – Model based on 3Dwarehouse model by Chrischn F.
Simpevarp – Model based on 3Dwarehouse model erik_g

Do not use parts of this scenery for other projects without the authors permission. Thorben B. (Northfeeder) ©2023

– Pay using PayPal
– Download available directly after purchase as a .zip
– For use in Virtual Sailor NG
– Modeled by Thorben
– Please do not redistribute or use outside of Virtual Sailor
– For questions please email


3 reviews for Gotland Beta

  1. Erik

    Excellent scenery with great attention to details such as bouy-placement and depth.

  2. μιχαλησ

    εξαιρετικο το λιμανι εχει τα παντα

  3. Rob (verified owner)

    Probably the most realistic scenery I have seen in VS. Objects and depth match OpenCPN charts. A whole new level in this sim, when you can navigate with charts. Beautiful scenery, fantastic work!

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