Pilot Boat 745
Pilot Boat 745

Pilot Boat 745

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This pilot boat operates out of Gothenburg, Sweden and is designed to carry out it’s duties well. If you have been looking for a Pilot Boat to use in your simulations, you’ve come to the right place, this is the perfect boat for you! This boat is pretty much the same as 747 but there are a few costmetic differences, so you can chose which one you like the most.

Video of the vessel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-yIcsG7IOQ

– Pay using PayPal
– Download available directly after purchase as a .zip
– For use in Vehicle Simulator
– Features include, interior, lights, working wheel and throttle, radar, flag that moves in the wind and more
– Install the vessel by copying the “PILOT_745” folder to your vehicles directory
– Modeled by Erik
– Free lifetime updates
– Please do not redistribute or use outside of Vehicle Simulator, Virtual Sailor NG
– For questions please email sim3d@snabbserver.com

Update 1 – 2020-08-13
– Coffee cup update, thank you to Thorben Beimel for this wonderful addition.

Update 2 – 2021-02-15
– Overall more details added, lights, flags, tinted windows and more.

Update 3 – 2022-01-02
– Fixed speed issue. Fixed annoying sound issue. Updated for VS-NG.

If you have already purchased the product and want the latest update, please email sim3d@snabbserver.com




2 reviews for Pilot Boat 745

  1. A vs

    Fantastic model of a beautiful pilotvessel!

  2. Alejandro Mendoza

    Very Nice Pilo boat very much interested to purchase one

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