Travemünde  – Lübeck for VSF
Travemünde – Lübeck for VSF

Travemünde – Lübeck for VSF


This Travemünde – Lübeck scenery by Thorsten Ott set a new standard for environments when it first came out, and still to this day it is one of the best and most detailed sceneries available for the simulator. Enjoy a trip on the river Trave from the Baltic Sea to Lübeck, or why not try to dock with a big ferry at the Travemünde ferry terminal, or simply sit on the beach and take in this virtual masterpeice.

This is a version optimized for VSF (Vehicle Simulator)

– Pay using PayPal
– Download available directly after purchase as a .zip
– For use in Vehicle Simulator
– Install the scenery by copying the “Travemünde” folder to your scenery directory
– Modeled by Thorsten
– Please do not redistribute or use outside of Vehicle Simulator
– For questions please email



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