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Vesta is built with a strong ice-rated steel hull to be able to operate even during severe icy winters. It is of the further developed Ylva type and was built in 1998 at Båtservice Holding in Mandal, Norway. On board there is a café on the upper deck. Vesta is named after the Roman goddess of the “domestic hearth”. It is Styrsöbolaget’s second ship with this name. The predecessor, which was also ice-going, was built in 1937, extended in 1976 and sold in 1995. It is now called Rex and belongs to Blidösundsbolaget in Stockholm. Vesta is 34.42 m long and 8.02 m wide. Passenger capacity is a maximum of 447 people and there are 246 seats in saloons, of which 68 are in the café on the upper deck. Seats and carpets have been renewed in October 2016. Since 2008, Vesta has been powered by two Volvo Penta D16 MH engines with a total of 1,002 hp (737 kw). These drive an adjustable KaMeWa propeller, which gives a speed of 13 knots, via a co-driving gear.

Only manouvre with the throttle lever in the handrest (port engine) the right (Stbd) is on for high speed on the water 0-100%

– Pay using PayPal
– Download available directly after purchase as a .zip
– For use in Vehicle Simulator, Virtual Sailor NG
– Features include animated gates, bridge and more.
– Install the vessel by copying the “Vesta” folder to your vehicles directory
– Modeled by Axel and Joel
– Free lifetime updates
– Please do not redistribute or use outside of Vehicle Simulator
– For questions please email



2 reviews for Vesta

  1. Erik

    You can for sure have a lot of fun with this vessel navigating the Gothenburg southern archipelago! 5 stars!

  2. gtrifyllis (verified owner)

    It is actually a very nice boat to sail with. To my opinion the look of it is a little ”flat” and needs a bit of better texture. It also misses night lighting textures.. It’s a 4 star compered to its low price. Looking forward to a future texture upgrade!!

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