M/F Norrona (Updated)

Largest operating ferry in the Faroe Islands. Operates from Seydisfjordur, Iceland, with a stop in Torshavn, Faroe Islands and then finally to Hirthals, Denmark. M/F Norrona has a passenger capacity of 1800, and can accommodate 800 cars. She has a cruising speed of 17 kts. Norrona has a length of 165m and a width of 31m and a depth of 6m. 

Some Updates to the sundeck and Lifeboats.

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  1. It looks very nice! Where can it be bought/downloaded?
    Best regards

    1. Rani Poulsen says: Reply

      Thank you!

      Currently working on a new version so it will take some time until you can buy the model.

      All the best,

      1. Thanks for answering! I am looking forward to hearing from you and getting the m/v Norröna!
        Best wishes

  2. Andreas Macrander says: Reply

    very nice simulation of Norröna, my favourite ferry (sailing with her every year). I consider making a small remote controlled model of M/V Norröna on a 3D printer.
    For this, I am currently trying to find a 3d simulation of the ship. Your Norröna looks very promising, but it appears not on the completed ships page. How is the current status of your work on Norröna? Is it possible to get a 3d simulation from you? I would not need anything of the ship’s intererior (except may be the car deck), only the outside.
    Thank you very much, best regards, Andreas.

    1. Rani Poulsen says: Reply

      Hello Andreas,

      I am currently working a new model of the M/F Norrona, as I lost the previous version.

      I will post some photos soon, so stay tuned.

      All the best,


  3. Asbjorn Schmidt Joensen says: Reply

    Please let me know when its released for perchace and download.

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