S/S Bohuslän Update

Work on version 5 of S/S Bohuslän is continuing slowly but steady. The superstructure is finally taking shape along with it’s many small details. Here’s a few screenshots of her docked in Travemünde for you to enjoy.

3 Replies to “S/S Bohuslän Update”

  1. paul goches says: Reply

    how to buy s.s. Bohuslan ?
    could you make the m.s. Liden in city of Orebro

    1. Erik Schröder Fernlöf says: Reply

      Hello, thanks for your comment.

      Bohuslän is not finished yet so unfortunately there’s no way to get her at the moment. I could possibly build the Liden, do you happen to have any blueprints of her?


    2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that Bohuslän is available now! 🙂

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