Frederikshavn for Baltic Sea West (VSNG)
Frederikshavn for Baltic Sea West (VSNG)

Frederikshavn for Baltic Sea West (VSNG)

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Frederikshavn update for Baltic Sea West, an incredible new port by Thorsten that includes, ferry docks, drydocks, big cranes, night lights and beautiful views. Make sure you follow the install instructions carefully! Please note this update is made for VS-NG and may not work in VSF.

– Pay using PayPal
– Download available directly after purchase as a .zip
– For use in Virtual Sailor NG
– Modeled by Thorsten
– Please do not redistribute or use outside of Virtual Sailor
– For questions please email

1. Make sure you have bought the original scenery and installed it first.
2. Make sure you downloaded and installed update 1+2 for BalticSeaWest, you can find it here.
3. Download all three parts, Baltic_SeaWest_Frederikshavn_Part1, Baltic_SeaWest_Frederikshavn_Part2 and Baltic_SeaWest_Frederikshavn_Part3.
4. Place all three .zip files into your Baltic_SeaWest scenery folder, right click the .zip files and click “Extract here”, overwrite files if it asks.
5. Run the simulator and enjoy the new port!


1 review for Frederikshavn for Baltic Sea West (VSNG)

  1. Erik

    Absolutely amazing port, I am always amazed by Thorsten’s work with his perfect amount of detail while still keeping the performance high!

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